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There isn’t much in the Scripture that outlines laughing in a positive manner. Many times I’ve thought…When God laughs, watch out! It seems like all examples of “God laughing”, that are revealed to us, are in the mocking of human plans, sins, thoughts, actions and so on. And yet we’re told, there is, in Ecclesiastes 3:4(NKJV) A time to weep, And a time to laugh; A time to mourn, And a time to dance; And it was pretty funny when God told Abraham, at the ripe age of 100, that his wife, 10 years his junior, would have a baby. Then again, Abraham did live to be 175 so I guess he was still “middle-aged” at the time.

We laugh during a crisis, or with friends and family, at the irony, in business circles and to cover our pain.

Humor can tickle our funny bones in everything from joy to tragedy. It can be a release of energy that has a healing power like no other action. We crave it like a drug. We seek out funny images on the internet to give us a chuckle. We pay money to sit in a seat beside other weary souls to watch someone else stand up on stage and make us laugh. There is no end to movies in the comedy genre, volumes written, songs sung, canvases painted(think dogs playing poker, here), etc.

IMO…The reason God doesn’t tell us much about laughter is because He doesn’t have too. It’s in our nature. We don’t need instruction or encouragement in the practice. He doesn’t have to tell us to wash our hair, or trim our toenails either but we manage to do it.

In my imaginings…Jesus smiled when He came up out of the water and saw the heavens open and the Spirit of God descending like a dove when the Father said “This is my beloved Son in whom I am well pleased”. (Matthew 3:13-17) and in the upper room, laughter could be heard.

In Him,


Now…Did ya hear the one about….

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