“What sculpture is to a block of marble, education is to a human soul.” ~ Joseph Addison

Remember Play-Doh? I remember, as a kid, when I got my first supply. I was so excited! I had grand visions of sculpting houses, with people standing by them and cars in the drive, complete with trees and flowers and a fence…OH MY! It turned out… I was great…at making logs. Those “grand visions” quickly morphed into “grand illusions”.

The dictionary defines “sculpt” as…

1. To sculpture (an object).
2. To shape, mold, or fashion especially with artistry or precision

As Believers, THE Master Sculpter is at work, sculpting us to His image and purpose. Sure…we can dig our heels in deeper than a three year old at Target wanting…no demanding…Play-Doh, however, in the end it really doesn’t matter much now does it? He will continue on to His end goal.

Our Father will chip away everything in us that is not edifying or does not have place in His Kingdom Purpose. As a skilled sculpter chips away at a granite boulder, so our Lord will chip away at our strongholds until all that is left is His perfection. We can lengthen the process with disobedience or we can submit to His authority.

Sometimes it can be painful, especially when we don’t have a clear image as to the direction He’s taking but God is thoughtful and we must be patient.

Isaiah 45:9(MSG) But doom to you who fight your Maker— you’re a pot at odds with the potter! Does clay talk back to the potter: ‘What are you doing? What clumsy fingers!

And yet, even with the warning, we find ourselves inflexible at times. Holding tight onto what we are and unwilling to bend to what He desires us to become. Grasping onto our habits, character traits, opinions, behaviors, etc., with a tight fist and clenched teeth…moaning and groaning all the way to perfection at the Artist’s hand.

In my lifetime, I have found myself doing that very thing, again and again. When it could have been quick…I went for the duration. When is could have been relativity painless…I selected agonizing torture. And…in the end…I have always asked myself “WHY did I do that?!?” I ended up exactly where He wanted me regardless of my protests.

May we willingly, and patiently, sit at the throne of our Sculpter and may our “education” of the soul leave us all with a Ph.D in His school of artistry.

Remember…There is no “artistry or precision” that can compare to that of our Maker.

In Him,

2 thoughts on “Sculpt

  1. The toughest thing about being shaped by God is having humility to allow Him to work. I think that’s why God opposes the proud and gives grace to the humble. He’s got to break the proud down to the point that they are ready to be reshaped. Great post and pretty photos.


    • AMEN! Staying humble is one of our hardest tasks. It is amazing how many times I have convinced myself I knew what was best and I didn’t hesitate to inform God.

      Thanks for the encouragement, patchingcracks!

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