“If you listen to the beginning of the whispers you will not have to hear the shouts.” ― Miranda J. Barrett

For the past 3 days, Mr. Gypsy has had the flu. Now, he’s one of those that rarely gets sick and when he does occasionally get a cold, nagging headache, whatever, he just keeps on going…just like that little Energizer Bunny. But with a temp of 103, nausea, severe headache, joint pain and chills, it tends to put the strongest on their back.

He has a chaise lounge in his studio, which is ok for sitting but not resting. He keeps going back and forth between the chaise and the living room sofa. All the while MY gentle advice… “Why don’t you go lay down in the bedroom?” Back to the sofa. “You should go lay down in the bedroom.” Back to the chaise. “The bedroom would be more comfortable.” Back to the sofa. “You would get more rest if you would go to the bedroom.” Back to the chaise. You get the picture.

Most of my desire for him to go to the bedroom is so his body can get the rest it needs to heal but a small part of it is selfish. I’m not sick…yet…and I need to get some things done…noisy things, things that aggravate a headache. Ever try to “quietly” chop carrots? Celery? Onions? And try to clean up the mess, quietly. Well, I’m a chef and I can tell you it can’t be done.

For Mr. Gypsy, laying in bed is a waste of time. I’m not certain how laying in bed is considered time wasted but laying on the sofa is not. I guess it’s one of those universal mysteries. (insert shrugging smilie here) Pfft…When I’m sick you can’t drag me out of the bed! I may be in a weakened state, but I’ll muster up the energy to hold onto the mattress tighter than a baby chimp holds onto it’s Mama as she swings through the trees! None the less, that is his rationale. Doesn’t change the fact his body needs rest.

At times when God tells us to “go” it is for our personal benefit, as in “go” read a particular section of the Scripture or listen to a designated teaching so He can minister to us in our specific need or give rest through a trial we’re facing. Sometimes it’s a “go”, as in “go” do. Which is for our benefit and His glory.

We are given examples in the Scripture of God’s people being told to “go”. Some, like Abraham, when told to go simply got up and went. Others, like Jonah, had to hear the “shouts”.

Whether the command to “go” is literal or metaphorical, a tough, rocky, uphill climb or a gentle nudge, obedience is God’s desired response from us. He will provide the strength, direction and endurance to complete the order if we simply step out.

Remember…Waiting for the shout is painful and simply prolongs the inevitable.

In Him,

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