I believe in getting into hot water. I think it keeps you clean. ~ G.K. Chesterton

Feet…such a personal member. They can take us where we need to go as well as where we shouldn’t.

I was reading the washing of the feet event found in John 13. It always amazes me how you can read something you’ve read a thousand times, never tire of it and still manage to get some new insight from it. But, then again, God has a way of doing that!

When Jesus got up from the supper table, He changed His clothes, filled a basin with water, grabbed a couple towels and began washing, and drying, the feet of the disciples. The Bible doesn’t tell us how many He washed before He got to Peter but good ole Pete was confused by it as he watched in silence. When Peter took the hot seat, I pictured him leaning in close to Jesus and saying “Um…Jesus…What are you doing?!? YOU’RE gonna wash MY feet?!? I don’t think so!” With Jesus replying “You don’t understand this right now…but you will.” Peter then piped up “Oh no! You’re never gonna wash MY feet!” I pictured Jesus, gentle but firm saying “Pete, if I don’t wash your feet then you’ll have no part in me.” I would imagine Peter thought about that for a minute or two simply to absorb what was said. Then abruptly announced “In that case, don’t just wash my feet but my hands! And my head too! I want all you have to give!” Who could blame him? Of course, as we know, Jesus informed him it wasn’t necessary to do that.

The basic lessons in this were humility and servanthood and I do not mean to detract from that. However, like a diamond, it is multifaceted.

In my ponderings…I vividly pictured the event. Almost like a movie playing in my head. It wasn’t necessary for Jesus to wash Peter’s hands. Peter had a life changing experience when he met Jesus. He turned from his old ways and turned to Christ. He had been walking with Jesus. Working with Him. His hands were “clean”. It wasn’t necessary for Jesus to wash his head, either. Peter’s mind (head) had been renewed. His brain was like a sponge…soaking up all Jesus said and did during His time with the disciples. His head was “clean”. But his feet…that was different. His feet had touched the world. They needed washed.

May we frequently find ourselves with our feet plunged into the basin of hot, living water being cleansed from the things of the world.

In Him,


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